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Payment Policy

  1. Holcomb Bridge Animal Hospital does not bill for services. Full payment is expected at time of check out.
  2. Holcomb Bridge Animal Hospital excepts the following methods of payment: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Cash, or Checks
  3. For a credit card payment to be accepted the following must apply:
    1. The name on the credit card must be verified by a valid Driver’s License or a valid State ID Card
    2. If a card is not present but a number is provided then the receptionist must seek permission from the owner of the card before payment is authorized and a copy of the Valid License or ID card of the present user must be copied for HBAH records.
    3. Credit Card payments may be taken over the phone if the receptionist speaks to the owner of the cards at time of services rendered. The receptionist must verify the following information:
      1. Current mailing address with Zip Code
      2. Current Phone Number
      3. Actual name on card must match the person whom is giving permission to use credit card
      4. Security Code number provided on the back of card.
      5. If card is present at time of sale then Receptionist must complete all information requested by Credit Card Processing Equipment. Do not enter through information. It must be entered in properly and correctly.
  4. For a check payment to be accepted the following must apply:
    1. A valid Georgia Driver’s License
    2. The check must provide the following information: correct address, phone number, and name on the account must match license
    3. The check must be accepted through the check scan system provided by Holcomb Bridge Animal Hospital. If the check is declined, another payment must be provided.
    4. HBAH does not accept checks that are out of state.
    5. HBAH will only accept a business check only if the name on the check matches the name on the Valid State issued ID

What to do if a check or credit card payment is declined or returned

Check Payment:

When a check is declined through E-Check then receptionist must inform client immediately and ask for another form of payment.

If a check is returned to HBAH for any reason then the following applies:

  1. The client will receive a written letter notifying that payment has been returned and that the client will owe balance plus a 35.00 charge to the account. The letter will also include a date of 30 days for account to be paid in full or account is released to outside collection agency.
  2. The client will not be able to receive services or products until account is paid in full.
  3. Payment for returned check amount and services fee may be paid by credit card or cash.
  4. No medical information may be released to anyone unless account is paid in full.

Credit Card Payment:

If a credit card is declined for any reason, the receptionist must ask client for another form of payment.

If a credit card charge is disputed for any reason, the following applies:

  1. The Credit Card Company or Client disputing charge must make dispute in writing. HBAH will direct all questions, proper paperwork, etc. to company requesting documentation.
  2. Until the dispute is finalized, no medical services will be rendered to client without payment in full by cash or check
  3. Until dispute is cleared, no medical information will be released to client or other animal hospital without consent of the director or practice manager.
  4. The account of client will show a balance of disputed charge until account is deemed clear by disputing company.
  5. If dispute is accepted by company and payment is withdrawn or held from HBAH then client’s balance is no longer at zero. The client will receive a written letter stating that the payment that was offered and authorized has been disputed and the charges are now at large. The client will be expected to pay the full bill plus a $35.00 fee for dispute. The client account will be released to a third party collection agency within ten days to the date of the written letter or released to the local police depending on the amount of the bill. Anything over $500.00 may require a police investigation unless otherwise directed by Dr. Henry Muller.

Deposits For Medical and Surgical Procedures

Holcomb Bridge Animal Hospital may require a deposit from a client prior to performing medical or surgical procedures. The deposit is 1/3 to ½ the estimated cost of the procedure scheduled.

HBAH reserves the right to withhold treatment until deposit is received and processed.

All deposits will be processed as a deposit through Impromed. Do Not Conclude Services Until All Services Are Entered And Accounted For.

If a medical/surgical case that requires multiple days of treatment and the patient is released at night to owner and/or Emergency Veterinary Care should not be concluded until the last day of treatment is finalized. In this case, at the end of each day that the patient is to be released for overnight care, the receptionist on duty must request payment in the form of a deposit for the amount accrued for that day’s services.

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