Pet Information


Litterbox Etiquette

  1. The rule of thumb is one box per cat plus one--i.e. 2 cats get 3 boxes. You should also have a box on every level of the house if applicable and they should all be located in private, easily accessed locations that are quiet and not busy.
  2. Scoop all boxes out daily. Clay litter boxes should be dumped and washed thoroughly once a week and clumping litter boxes every month or so.
  3. No liners or covers. Automatic self-cleaners can be a big culprit also.
  4. Unscented litter please. Some cats may prefer clumping over clay.
  5. Food and water should not be kept in the same area as the litter box.
  6. Litter should be no deeper then 1 to 1 1/2 inches deep or the cat may feel as if it is in the "quick sand" box.
  7. Clean any soiled areas with a pet cleaner designed to break down pet odors. We like the product "Simple Solution" to cut stains and odors. Sometimes a pet may saturate carpet enough to need it and the pad below to be replaced.
  8. If kitty is going in the wrong spot, deter he/she from returning. Place a plastic rug runner with knobs pointed up, aluminum foil or odors such as citrus at the offending location
  9. A litter box can be placed over the offending location temporarily and gradually moved back to the proper location (inches per day).
  10. Use a favorite treat or play time as a reward for good litter box usage.
  11. If outdoor cats are upsetting your kitty enough to cause them to spray or urinate out of the box, try shutting curtains, blocking windows or using animal deterrents for the outside cat (Critter Gitter).

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